6 Mar, 2023
When Is The Right Time To Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage gives you the opportunity to get better terms than what you received on your original agreement. Lower interest rates, a shorter term, and a new monthly payment can all add up to serious savings for your current financial situation. With mortgage refinancing, timing is everything. Here’s how to make sure that you make your move when the time is right to give you the most benefits on your home mortgage loan.

Consider the Benefits of Refinancing

Making any major change to your home mortgage plan can be time-consuming, but it also doesn’t have to be stressful. Mortgage lenders in Jacksonville, FL can help you take a look at your current payment plan and interest rate to see if it’s worth making a big change. If you’ve been regularly paying on your loan for several years, then refinancing could give you the opportunity to apply for a loan with a lower interest rate. Or, you might be ready to make bigger payments on a short-term loan to start accruing more equity.

Watch for Mortgage Rates Going Down

In the current housing market, anything could happen from one month to the next. For the average homeowner, trying to navigate a fickle market can be challenging. However, there are certain trends that mortgage lenders in Naples, FL that residents work with will notice. A mortgage lender keeps a constant eye on the current home loan interest rates, and they’ll let you know if the trend is currently going downward. For those who purchased a home during a time when the interest rate was higher, it might be beneficial to refinance for a lower rate in your new agreement.

Perform Regular Checks On Your Financial Situation

In an ideal scenario, your financial standing should improve as you make progress in your career and accumulate savings. Since you bought your home, you might’ve received a promotion at work or paid down significant debt. After making these big gains, it only makes sense to reward yourself by refinancing to get better terms on your home loan. Doing a quote estimate using your new financial information is a great way to see if you’ve made enough progress to make a difference in the terms.

Know When to Switch to a Fixed Mortgage Rate

Adjustable mortgage rates have a few benefits for people who plan to stay in one place for a short time and sell before the rate undergoes a substantial increase. However, your plans might’ve changed. Facing increasingly rising rates is frustrating, but you don’t always have to feel stuck. Refinancing helps you to get a fixed interest rate that locks in a lower amount for a more stable financial future.

Find a Mortgage Lender to Guide You Through the Refinancing Process

Whether you’ve done your due diligence by turning your financial situation around or are just curious about how you can take advantage of newer, lower rates, your best move is to talk to a mortgage lender. Give us a call, or send us a message online to learn how refinancing will impact your future as a homeowner.